Year 2016 / Volume III


Mrs. Janak Kapoor, Chancellor

Editor in chief :

Dr Yogesh Pahariya

Editorial Board :

Dr. Smita Shukla
Dr. Richa Gupta
Dr. Gopal Panda,
Dr. A K Saxena,
Dr M K Chopra,
Prof .Manish Trivedi,
Prof. Komal Kanojia
Prof. Nidhi Gupta
Prof. G G Ladha,
Prof. S S Pawar,
Prof. Ravindra Gupta,
Prof. E.Vijay Kumar,

Research Cell

Prof Ravi Limaye


Journal for Research in Sciences and Technology


Encouraging Response from Post Graduate Students

Janak Kapoor, Chancellor


Framework for Platform Selection for MOOC Platforms
Prof. Ravi Limaye

Research Papers

Video Inpainting with Inpainting technique using Super Resolution
Rajanikant Palwe , Prof. Ravindra Gupta

Experimental and Numerical Investigation on air side performance of fin and tube heat exchanger with different types of fins
Ishwar Dhangar, Dr M K Chopra

An Integration of Face detection and Tracking for Video As Well As Images
Ruchi Chourasia, Prof. Manish Trivedi

Replacement Material in Concrete: Review
Shashikant Dewangan

Study of Seismic Behaviour of Building having Soft Storey
Yash Raj Rana, Prof. LK Sahu, Prof. Nidhi Gupta

Emulsion of CO2 by using concept of Green Concrete
Yogesh Sharma, Prof. Rohit Kumar Sahu, Nidhi Gupta