Ayurvedic Hospital

The Ayurvedic Hospital College has been operational since 2018 and has been treating patients with various types of ailments. The hospital is a fully equipped 100 bed facility with staff with decades of experience. The hospital features a fusion of the modern technology with conventional Ayurvedic techniques to provide patients the confidence in Ayurveda. We offer various treatments with personal care to all our patients.

8 Different OPD



Well equipped Pathology and Emergency care for patients


Panchakarma is one of the unique therapeutic modules to treat most of the chronic diseases that brings the equilibrium of dosha in the body by removing the toxins from the body by different sodhana procedures Viz.





Rakta Mokshana

The chances of reoccurrence of diseases are very rare in patients after panchakarma therapy. It also promotes the positive health by rejuvenating the new cells in the body. Almost all the panchakarma procedures are conducted in our hospital on OP and IP basis.